Newberg One of Oregon’s Safest Cities

A recent survey confirms something Newberg, Oregon residents already know: Newberg is a pretty safe place to live.

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Newberg is One of Oregon’s Safest Cities

Here’s the description from that recent survey:

Newberg…is another mid-sized city in northwest Oregon that is just outside of Portland. It offers impressive educational opportunities including George Fox University, a community college campus, private schools and solid public schools. With diverse industry, Newberg also has a variety of career options and is an appealing city to call home.

With an array of its own amenities, it is also located within an easy distance of Portland, offering residents a small town standard of living with the convenience of the city nearby. Forests, farmland, mountains and a river to call its own make Newberg a beautiful small town that offers much to residents. The town’s professional police force with its many programs is the driving force in keeping the city’s crime rate rock-bottom low.

To see which other Oregon cities made the list, view the entire report here.

Newberg Oregon, Newberg Properties, Newberg Homes, Newberg Real Estate, Newberg Realty

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