3 Reasons To Sell Your Newberg Home Now

With the arrival of Spring’s beautiful weather, some Newberg homeowners are hearing others say: “Now is an excellent time to consider placing your home on the market for sale.”

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Spring is Here

However, you may have wondered why exactly is this such a good time to sell your Newberg home? Is it all about sunny skies? So if you’ve ever thought about selling your property here in Yamhill County, this article is for you. And here are three good reasons to now sell your Newberg, Oregon home:

Reduced Inventory
There are fewer homes on the market right now. Our 3.1 month supply of homes means demand is stronger. That frequently translates to higher home prices. And with fewer competing sellers, you may need to negotiate less for your best deal.

Newberg Homes, Newberg Oregon, Newberg Properties, Newberg Real Estate

Our Housing Inventory Drops During Spring & Summer

Many home buyers shop in earnest during better weather. Why? It’s easier, more fun and there’s more daylight to work with. But there’s one other reason you may not have considered: School is out soon and that is a great opportunity for families with kids to move during Summer Vacation. Don’t miss out on these buyers!

Newberg Homes, Newberg Real Estate, Newberg Properties, Newberg Oregon

In Oregon, Beautiful Weather Takes Us Outdoors For Recreation And Home Buying!

Interest Rates
One of the big factors affecting home affordability is the interest rate your lender charges. Interest rates remain near historic lows. This means even with rising prices, buyers can find homes to be more affordable if interest rates stay attractive.

Newberg Homes, Newberg Real Estate, Newberg Properties Newberg Oregon

They’ve nudged up, yet mortgage interest rates remain attractive.

Thinking about selling your Newberg home? Contact our sponsor, Certified Realty using the convenient form below for a FREE report on what your property could sell for in today’s market.

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