Yamhill County Home Price Report

The latest report on regional home sales was just released. The good news continues, as it reveals a housing market gaining strength. And while our inventory of homes has increased a bit, we still remain in what many consider a ‘seller’s market’ where competition among buyers is keen.

The average regional home sale price is now $310,000, up 13.9% over the past year. The new report also includes statistics on many nearby communities.  As you might expect, Newberg’s figures are unique. This latest study provides housing data for all of Yamhill County.

Yamhill County homes now average a selling price of $243,200. This is a whopping 17.4% increase over the past year. The average market time is now 130 days.  Click here for the complete FREE report, with specific information on Yamhill County home prices in column 156, on page 2.

Newberg Real Estate

Regional Home Price Chart


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